len on January 27th, 2016

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len on September 5th, 2015

Another great article by S. African scholar Nelus Niemandt — ” The research investigates the role of leadership in the transformation of denominational structures towards a missional ecclesiology, and focuses on the Highveld Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church. It describes the missional journey of the denomination, and interprets the transformation. The theory of ‘complex […]

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len on June 8th, 2015

In Introducing the Missional Church Roxburgh and Boren describe the early stages in shifting a church culture as “experimenting into change.” They warn first of risk aversion. What shapes a risk averse culture? 1. some of the theologies of conversion push toward perfectionism 2. a culture of professionalism pushes us toward a need for control […]

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len on February 28th, 2015

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len on February 2nd, 2015

Scot McKnight comments on Simply Good News (Wright): “If your eschatology gets skewed, your present follows along. Or, as NT Wright puts it, ‘Wrong future, wrong present.’” We only lead truly when we lead with a memory of the future. Huh? How is that possible? Because the future has already been given to us, and […]

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len on December 6th, 2014

Ruth Haley Barton writes, “Any leader who cannot endure profound levels of loneliness will not last long. In his book A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix, Dr. Edwin Friedman identifies five universal and essential characteristics of those who are leading toward something that is genuinely new. One of those […]

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len on December 3rd, 2014

Meg Wheatley writes, “We are lost—as a global culture, as organizations, and perhaps as individual leaders. We are in new territory, this brave new world that operates at hyper speed, hyper stress, and hyper irrationality. Our old maps for creating capacity no longer apply; in fact they only get us more lost. So I’ve been […]

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len on November 14th, 2014

“Those in leadership need to attend to three spheres of activities. Each sphere requires that we perceive, interpret and act concerning on-the-ground situations. Interpretive leadership is about meanings: it provides the resources and guidance needed to shape a community of learners that pays attention to and interprets both texts and contexts. “Relational leadership shapes all […]

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len on October 27th, 2014

Around 1865 an Englishman by the name of William Chatterton Dix wrote the beloved hymn, “What Child Is This?” One of the immortal lines from the song advances that in the stable in Bethlehem “the silent word is speaking.” Jesus entered this world as a helpless infant, as do we all. As an infant, he […]

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len on October 19th, 2014

Today’s church is in serious trouble. The crisis we see is a crisis in leadership, because leaders help to shape adaptive responses, like navigators reading the currents to guide a ship to harbor. Leaders cease being navigators when they fear change, or loss of influence, but also when the pressure of leadership tends to create […]

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