deal breakers?

Scot McKnight points to C. Michael Patton’s post – Eight non Deal-Breakers for the church. We should resist splitting a fellowship over these issues. Michael lists the following: 1. Young Earth Creationism 2. The authorship of the Pastoral Epistles 3. The inerrancy of Scripture 4. Whether the flood covered entire earth 5. The character witness […]

liberal, conservative, and the caught-in-between

Rachel Held Evans writes, “I don’t “fit” in the conservative evangelical church: I believe in evolution. I vote for democrats. I doubt. I enjoy interfaith dialog and cooperation. I like smells, bells, liturgy, and ritual—particularly when it comes to the Eucharist. I’m passionate about gender equality in marriage and church leadership. I’m tired of the […]


Newbigin: “I do not think that the geographical parish can ever become irrelevant or marginal. There is a sense in which the primary sense of neighbourhood must remain primary, because it is here that men and women relate to each other simply as human beings and not in respect of their functions in society.” (Sign […]