But praxis is actually the whole cycle of reflection and study on one hand and engagement and action on the other. Brazilian educator Paulo Freire envisioned praxis as the way to bring significant social change to people. He contrasted praxis with what he called the “banking” approach to education, in which the teacher simply pours […]

global evangelicalism

At a time when the word itself has become disputed, we are still trying to take stock. Where are the world’s evangelicals? Where did they come from and what do they believe? This new title from IVP (312 pp) looks like a careful survey of the global landscape. The blurb from the IVP website reads […]

Intro to Missional Spirituality

Back in 2009 Roger Helland I began talking about the integration of mission and spirituality: that these were never meant to be two parallel tracks, but a rhythm of life in discipleship. That book came out around 240 pages, and is aimed at college and seminary students and others doing serious theological reflection. It left […]