all things new!!

John 1 – the Word in creation, this opening account parallels Genesis 1. John 20 – “On the first day of the week” — We are back to creation. And God will make all things new! Yet how many Easter sermons are rooted in a theology of creation? Instead, we separate out redemption into a […]

which atonement?

The dominant view of atonement for the first 300 years of the Church was Christus Victor. Jesus death and resurrection made him Lord, and established him as sole victor over the forces of death and destruction. Jesus death was a ransom paid to the devil. The Penal Substitution view was there in Scripture, but for […]

The End of Religion

The new covenant is first given in the book of Jeremiah, and Jeremiah 31 was the lectionary reading for this past Sunday. The new covenant moves us from law to grace, from religion, to divine faithfulness. But most of us are still trying to perform our way into the kingdom. The End of Religion Scripture: […]

God is – in control?

When most believers use the phrase “God is in control,” they have no idea what they are really saying. We tend to make God the devil by making him responsible for everything that happens. But divine determinism is not the biblical view. I spoke this sermon on March 8th of this year. God is – […]

Is God Angry?

I spoke this sermon last year, and it needed to come back again this year and hopefully I’ve made it even clearer. This is controversial for some. I argue that “wrath” needs to be seen differently than we have done. I also take it into the Greek to look at one particular word – hilasmos […]

what is church?

Scot McKnight proposes three biblical words that lead in different directions –Leitourgia, Ekklesia and Koinonia. I summarize… 1. Leitourgia That is, church is worship service. The Germans calls this Gottesdienst, and many Americans when they say “church” mean “going to a church building on Sunday morning for a worship and sermon service.” The life that […]

ex machina

I’m still working my way through the collection edited by James McGrath, “Religion and Science-Fiction” (Wipf & Stock, 2011. Earlier post HERE). It’s striking how many movies are opening up the question of what it is to be human — I’m thinking in this past year of Transcendence and Lucy and Her, and now of […]