len on November 15th, 2016

“The Jacobsians sought fresh methods of making cities work — from the grassroots and the bottom up. The subaltern was exalted, the master laid low. Drafting tables were tossed for pickets and surveys and spreadsheets. Planners sought new alliances in academe, beyond architecture and design — in political science, law, economics, sociology. But there were […]

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len on October 7th, 2016

It’s survival in the city When you live from day to day City streets don’t have much pity When you’re down, that’s where you’ll stay… The Eagles The classic Eagles song tells one side of the story. William Cronon notes that for many of us cities have “represented all that [is] most unnatural about human […]

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len on March 15th, 2016

Who had heard of “missional” church prior to 1998 (the publication by the GOCN)? Now “missional” is everywhere, and while some of it is just buzz, many have found fresh engagement. Sometimes we need new language in order to see. Similarly, the language of “place” recovers a lost imagination, one obscured in the legacy of […]

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len on October 2nd, 2015

Who had heard of “missional” church prior to 1998 (the publication by the GOCN)? Now “missional” is everywhere. What really changed? Sometimes we need new language in order to see. The language of “place” recovers a lost imagination, one obscured in the legacy of Modernity where we traded “place” for “space,” the concrete for the […]

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len on April 2nd, 2015

John 1 – the Word in creation, this opening account parallels Genesis 1. John 20 – “On the first day of the week” — We are back to creation. And God will make all things new! Yet how many Easter sermons are rooted in a theology of creation? Instead, we separate out redemption into a […]

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len on March 19th, 2015

Coming soon to a desktop near you — slightly expanded, a few rough places smoothed out, and some material left out of the first edition added. The length increases by about 15 pages.

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len on February 9th, 2015

“History is [now] found materialized in varying spatial arrangements; history becomes a matter of how space comes to be organized. Space, in short, is now understood both as the product of social processes and as an influence upon them. Capitalism, for example, is not simply temporalizing — always revolutionizing the production process, dooming to obsolescence, […]

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len on December 21st, 2014

“Clearly we have to inhabit the world of immediate bodily experience, the actual terrain in which we live, and where our engagement with the world takes place alongside our fellow human beings, and we need to inhabit it fully. Yet at the same time we need to rise above the landscape in which we move, […]

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len on December 7th, 2014

I do not know if you feel the throbbing of the land in your chest … you may not feel the spiritual anguish as I see the earth ravaged… but you can no longer escape my fate as the soil turns barren and the rivers poison. (Grand Chief John Kelly, 1977) The Comeback, 2014, 220 […]

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len on November 22nd, 2014

“The most famous words about the city of Oakland, California came from the pen of Gertrude Stein. There was, she declared, no “there” there. This line has been widely understood as a casually dismissive judgment upon that city, and it has been used and reused countless times, as a barb directed at a variety of […]

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