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Sedmak writes, “There is a growing awareness that theology is not an instant product that we take from the shelf and put some (local) water in it in order to have an enjoyable drink. Theology is a specifically local adventure if it wants to be relevant for a particular culture. As Michael Amaladoss says ‘The […]

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Christianity Today has run a series of interviews with Philip Jenkins, author of the title noted above. Part I Part II Part III From Part III — Ed: Some are estimating that in the next couple of decades, they’ll be more evangelicals in Brazil than in the United States… what will that do in terms […]

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Craig Bartholomew writes, “A phenomenology of place is attractive in its receptivity to the richness of creation as it presents itself to the mind, but the problem of abstraction as the key to true knowledge continues to overshadow such an approach. Indeed the great lesson from this history of the philosophy of place in the […]

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“The church growth movement’s captivity to Western, white culture yields an expression of underlying racism. Under the guise of doing what is best for evangelistic efforts, racial segregation could be justified for the sake of church growth. Couched as a church growth principle, the homogenous unit principle yields a segregation that furthers racial conflict and […]

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IVP has released this book- subtitle “Global Awakenings in Theology and Praxis” – new this month. A wide and diverse group of contributors – diverse in location and in perspective. In an interview with the editors IVP editor David Congdon asks: “How would you characterize the ‘evangelical’ nature of this project? What positive resources do […]

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It used to be such a simple problem. The culture was secular, the church was sacred. That easy dichotomy was probably never really so easy, but the time when we could pretend it was true has long since passed. But there is still another layer of complexity, and Jamie Smith is helping us understand the […]

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CS Lewis’ intro to JB Phillips translation work – these battles never seem to go away, but Lewis’ apologia remains timely as well as erudite & eloquent: *** *** It is possible that the reader who opens this volume on the counter of a bookshop may ask himself why we need a new translation of […]

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