len on November 20th, 2014

Sedmak writes, “There is a growing awareness that theology is not an instant product that we take from the shelf and put some (local) water in it in order to have an enjoyable drink. Theology is a specifically local adventure if it wants to be relevant for a particular culture. As Michael Amaladoss says ‘The […]

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len on October 8th, 2014

“As Christians, and as the church of Jesus Christ, we are called by our Lord to be “in” the world, but “not of” the world. “No longer” who we were before we came to Christ, we are “not yet” what we will be when Christ returns. This bracing call to tension in both time and […]

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len on October 4th, 2014

What kind of program can prepare leaders for the new realities of a multi-cultural, interconnected world? And what method of training leaders can effectively integrate practice based learning with critical reflection? What kind of program would you build if you were free to dream, unencumbered by past models designed for a world that no longer […]

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len on September 13th, 2014

All theology is local. It’s just that it’s taken us a while to admit it. But of course that’s just a starting point, and it drives us toward the need for an actual practice of the interpretive community. Have you read any of these books? How did they differ? Which was the most helpful? Where […]

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len on August 13th, 2014

The recovery of place has significance for more than the arts; it has rich missional significance. In fact, the recovery of missio Dei is directly related to a recovery of place. Without this way of seeing, the Incarnation becomes a doctrine that we embrace with our minds while refusing to know it in practice. Charles […]

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len on July 28th, 2014

A few weeks ago I listened to a speaker on Q-Ideas who identified herself as both evangelical and feminist. But something in her presentation made me uneasy. At the time, I simply wondered aloud whether she had any real connection to women outside her own socio-economic circles. Reading Jayachitra Lalitha yesterday in “Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations,” […]

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len on July 13th, 2014

IVP has released this book- subtitle “Global Awakenings in Theology and Praxis” – new this month. A wide and diverse group of contributors – diverse in location and in perspective. In an interview with the editors IVP editor David Congdon asks: “How would you characterize the ‘evangelical’ nature of this project? What positive resources do […]

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