Late in 1976, broken after a broken relationship, I gave my life to the Lord while lying on my bed in an apartment in Winnipeg. One year later I was in Vancouver Bible College, a General Conference Baptist school in southern Whalley (on the edge of Surrey).

That year was a new beginning in many ways, and it was the first time I heard the music of the brothers John and Terry Talbot. Shortly after that introduction word came that John had joined a Catholic monastic group. He had soon released a new album, Come to the Quiet, and that music sustained me in my first summer away from home, working as a fishing guide off Stuart Island in the mouth of Bute Inlet.

As I sat to spend some time with the Lord this morning, I thought of John Talbot and I called up the first cut from a later album, For the Bride. “Canticle of the Bride” is linked here. Later I googled him.. I haven’t heard news of Talbot in a few years now. I found his website HERE.. and a blog HERE. Some time back he was talking about the Lord’s prayer..

I am astounded by the way the Lord”s Prayer is said in the average parish. It is prayed as if running a race! Many times I find myself out of breath by trying to keep pace. The same could be said of the way many good devotional prayers are recited. This practice clearly defies the intent of Jesus himself.

It turns out that John founded, and remains the Spiritual Father and Minister General of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity at Little Portion Hermitage, an integrated monastic community in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas .

If you have never heard his music, I heartily suggest one of those early albums. Be sure to listen to “Canticle of the Bride.” Related: “The Prayer of the Kingdom.