Collecting some discussions from days gone by in view of a recent thread wondering if preaching is passe? Five years ago I was nearly convinced it needed to be discarded, or reinvented. Now I think it simply needs to be biblical and contextual, and sometimes dialogical. Here are some historical posts:

Preaching and the bigger story: we need teachers who can take any local passage of Scripture and set it within the larger story, the bigger frame.

Preaching and cultural texts: failure to allow Scripture to read our cultural “texts” will guarantee that they impact us subversively.

Preaching in the missional church: Hunsberger asserts that kerygma and its verbal counterparts, although they are usually translated “preaching,” have “nothing to do with what we now call preaching

Sermons don’t make disciples: spiritual formation for mission is the first priority. Does the sermon contribute to that effort?

Preaching: A Third Way (Scot McKnight)

Cardoza-Orlandi asserts: “Missional preaching is a ministerial, personal, and communal action in which the congregation listens and discerns the testimony of the Christian people in their struggle with and participation in the activity of God in the world.” The existential praxis of people, engaged in witness in daily life, provides much of the grounded resources for missional preaching.”

One of the great articles on preaching at Christianity Today in 2011 – “Preaching is Performance Art.”