No Home Like Place“Every once in awhile a book comes along that establishes a new imaginative field for reflection and mindful living. No Home Like Place was, for me, such a book; offering also a framework for compassionately understanding and engaging enduring traumas associated with current conflicts over place.”

No Home Like Place is a walk through dense woods, theologically and poetically, guiding the reader into contemplation and reflection. And it’s a thin place, offering a spacious venue for astonishment and encounter. To find someone rebuilding place after the great postmodern deconstruction is beautiful. This book offers itself as a worthy companion for miles to come.”

Brad Jersak, DMin. Author: Her Gates Will Never Be Shut

“Illustrated with stories, enriched with poetry, rooted in the great themes of Scripture, attuned to both historic philosophy and contemporary urbanology, Len Hjalmarson’s book presents a winsome and compelling call to recover the significance of place in our understanding of the purposes of God. No Home Like Place offers post-modern, post-Christendom Christians an embodied vision of mission and ministry in the city and the neighbourhood.”

Stuart Murray Williams, PhD. Chair of the Anabaptist Network and the founder of Urban Expression, UK. Author: Church After Christendom, The Naked Anabaptist

Some books offer solace, some answers, some direction, and some mess with our minds. Hjalmarson does the latter with his No Home like Place. With stories, scripture, and poetry he takes us on a pilgrimage to discover the forgotten role of concrete “place” for drawing us into God’s imago and missio Dei.

MaryKate Morse, PhD. Professor of Leadership & Spiritual Formation,
George Fox Evangelical Seminary. Author: Making Room for Leadership

The book will appear this fall published by The House Studio, an imprint of Nazarene Publishing.