Stuart Murray Williams is in Kelowna Tuesday for an afternoon and evening, doing three sessions for FORGE Canada. I interviewed Stuart, whom many of you know for his “After Christendom” series of books, after the CPC in Calgary in 2009. Find that interview here.

The sessions on Tuesday start at 1:30 at Trinity Baptist Church. Cost for the afternoon is $20. Bob Roxburgh and myself will host.

Session 1 Afternoon session 1: Church Planting – not an optional extra

Not just for enthusiasts, malcontents or large churches, church planting is essential in a changing culture and reproduction is a hallmark of a healthy church. So how do we get involved?

Aternoon session 2: Communities of Discernment and Resistance

There are forces in our culture that catechize and disciple us into values and behaviours that are not Christian but seem normal. How can our churches help us to discern what is happening, unmask the idols and resist being co-opted?

Evening Session: Becoming Human (7:30 PM – $10)

Becoming human: The process and goal of discipleship. Early church leader Irenaeus wrote: ‘The glory of God is seen in a human life fully lived.’ If discipleship is not about becoming good church members but fully human beings, how do we go about making disciples?

Sounds excellent, no? We’ll leave room for your questions. Register at FORGE Canada, see you there!