Regent College hosted this discussion on CBC radio host Rex Murphy’s “Cross Country Checkup” this past Monday.

“Over the years religion has become less and less a formal part of the public sphere, largely relegated to the domain of the private and personal. Many feel too much so — to the point that those beliefs so closely held have become almost taboo. Canadian multiculturalism has welcomed the world to our shores and, in doing so, has created a surprisingly comfortable environment for a range of customs, beliefs, and traditions. But religion is the one area where frictions arise, and it is in the role of religion in the public sphere that the most heat is created.

“In the spirit of multiculturalism, Canada has made room for a world of perspectives. But what about the closely held values of religion …is there room for them? Should they be included on the public stage and in public policy? Does religion have a place in public life?”

You can download the podcast HERE