Cobus blogs at My Contemplations,

“I was visiting Annemie Bosch, the wife of David Bosch, yesterday to attempt to get some answers to questions I have. It was a deeply spiritual experience, in that it brought to life the theology with which I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks. Although I’ve been gripped by the writings of David Bosch for at least a year now, the conversation with her in a way deepened a personal commitment, a spiritual commitment, to that which I have been thinking about intellectually.

“One story really stood out: While she and David Bosch attending a colloquem by Karl Barth, Barth said that “if I was on guard in the war, and my best friend was part of the enemy, and came walking over the bridge, I would shoot him”, to which a young man responded out loud: “No you would not”. Bosch wispered into the ear of Annemie “that man is a Mennonite”… that man was John Howard Yoder.”


Elsewhere on his blog, Bosch and Zizek on “the larger problem of violence.”

Still at Cobus, a great post that embodies something of the shift from an arrogant colonialism to a humble post-colonial way:

“From ‘let us bless the poor’ to ‘blessed are the poor'”

Elsewhere. QUEST church in Seattle does a series on “Faith and Race