coverI’ve posted many discussions, papers, and links over the years referencing what for many remains a controversial subject: the authority of women to serve in the church in pastoral and teaching roles. For so many of us this has become such a non-issue: for others it remains a problem. Sadly, even while our culture recognizes the obvious: women are equally gifted to men, and often carry a relational sensitivity to their work that men lack. Women serve with distinction in every role of our society: CEO’s, Prime Ministers, Pastors and more.

The point of this post today is to collect some of the posts and links I’ve made in one place so that I — and you — can quickly reference most of them.

First, posts and links organized by the texts in dispute:

Ro. 16:7 – Junia is Not Alone and NT Wright
1 Cor. 14 – Orderly Participation or Silenced Women? M. Janzen
1 Timothy 2 – Women’s Service in the Church NT Wright
1 Timothy 2 – The Truth About Women Don Rousu

General Posts and Links

Embracing Our Sisters as Equal in Vocation Blog Post
The Ministry of Women Recent History of the Debate, Tim Geddert
Women Sharing in the Ministry of God A Charismatic Perspective, Patrick Franklin. Short excerpt HERE.
The Mary We Never Knew Scot McKnight
Reclaiming the Female Half of God’s Image Wikiklesia Project

Finally, for Anabaptists and others who want to explore a strong exegetical position, this book is excellent. Your Daughters Shall Prophesy. Published by Kindred Press, 1992.

And for those who are sensitive to the cultural nuances of liberal vs conservative, egalitarian vs complementarian, David Fitch posts on “Why I am Not Egalitarian.”

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  1. Peggy says:

    Thank you for these links, Len. The one from Don Rousu provided a missing link for me…which inspired this post:

    Blessings, brother!