CockburnAnd also one who “kicks at the darkness.”

Bruce Cockburn was in Thunder Bay last night, a crowd of about 600 gathered at the Community Auditorium.

Yours truly, along with Betty, sat in Row BBB (second from front) at the right hand side.

We were about twenty feet away from the singer-songwriter, quite a thrill! And to my delight, the entire set was acoustic! Just Bruce and three guitars, performing a variety of old and new — a good balance.

It’s only the second time we have seen him live, and since he is 68 years old this past May (we share a birth month as well as country), who knows how many more chances we will get?

Afterward Bruce was signing autographs so of course, we got in line. I now have a signed copy of the rich exploration written by Brian Walsh, “Kicking at the Darkness” (Brazos, 2011). I wish I had thought to tell him that I’ve used quotes from five different songs in my book on “place.”

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Live on “Q” performing “Strange Waters.”