Paul Fromont references a Podcast with Peter Block, author of Community: The Structure of Belonging. This book that is the focus of a Sounds True conversation between Tami Simon and Peter Block.

“…How do we create organizations that work for everyone? What’s the true role of the person called “the boss?” How is the concept of business stewardship different from our traditional notions of leadership? Where can we find true freedom in the workplace? Peter Block is a bestselling author and business consultant who teaches about chosen accountability and the reconciliation of community. Tami Simon speaks with Peter about these questions and more in a business conversation unlike any you’ve heard.”

Paul paraphrases a bit..

“…Leadership is to initiate an alternative future. It’s an act on intention, an act of creativity…the task of leadership is to figure out the question we need to be asking and exploring together… The question is more powerful than the answer… A good question works on you…it opens space for other possibilities, for the unseen, and for alternative futures and possibilities…”

The podcast is here.