Jason Clark argues that inviting people to church might be the most sensible form of evangelism in post-Christian, post-colonial culture. Hmm.

If the church is a pilgrim people, a political reality, and if the experience of community as a sign and foretaste of the kingdom is at the heart of it all, then he is onto something!

The political novelty that God brings into the world is a community of those who serve instead of ruling, who suffer instead of inflicting suffering, whose fellowship crosses social lines instead of reinforcing them. This new Christian community in which the walls are broken down not by human idealism or democratic legalism but by the work of Christ is not only a vehicle for the gospel or only a fruit of the gospel; it is the good news. It is not merely the agent of mission or the constituency of a mission agency. This is the mission. – Yoder, Mouw and Cartwright, The Royal Priesthood. Herald Press, 1994. 91.

View this short video Jason recorded for the Vineyard, UK.