“It’s all going to burn one day.”

And of course, if heaven is our final destination, then we might have justification for not caring for the creation. Environmental stewardship might then indeed be a waste of time and energy.

Although — the cost of ecological disaster is an ongoing and daily legacy, where people are impacted by all sorts of toxins that produce all kinds of suffering. But still —

what is the end of creation? Renewal? Or destruction?

“I challenged an adult Sunday School class I was teaching at Grace Missionary Church (my home church in Jamaica) to find even one passage in the New Testament that clearly said that Christians would live in heaven forever or that heaven was the final home of the righteous.

“I even offered a monetary reward if anyone could find such a text. I have been making this offer now for my entire adult life to church and campus ministry study groups and in many of the courses I have taught; I am happy to report that I still have all my money. No one has ever produced such a text, because there simply aren’t any in the Bible.”

J. Richard Middleton and others aim to help us move beyond our quick assumptions. His new book is titled as this post notes above. He blogs about why he wrote the book HERE.

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Nice to have you “back in the saddle”, Len. I’ve missed reading your thoughts and musings!