From Tierra del Fuego to Ungava Bay
the history of betrayal continues to today
the spirit of Almighty Voice, the ghost of Anna Mae
call like thunder from the mountains — you can hear them say
it’s a stolen land

Apartheid in Arizona, slaughter in Brazil
if bullets don’t get good PR there’s other ways to kill
kidnap all the children, put ’em in a foreign system
bring them up in no-man’s land where no one really wants them
it’s a stolen land

stolen land — but it’s all we’ve got
stolen land — and there’s no going back
stolen land — and we’ll never forget
stolen land — and we’re not through yet ..
Bruce Cockburn

“The fundamental sins — of lust for power, prestige and wealth express themselves in social oppression.
Jesus’ critique of social oppression is directed primarily against the elites of his own community. These include the political elites, the land-holding nobility, who reduce the peasants to indentured slaves; and the religious elites, who use the temple and the Law to lord it over the unwashed, uneducated and outcast.

“Jesus’ vision of the kingdom is one of radical inclusion. He spends much of his time with those society has rejected. He envisions a new era of God’s justice and peace coming about only when all the systems of domination of money, rank, and religious hierarchy are overthrown; when those who wish to be first are willing to be last, and when those who are nothing in this present system — are lifted up. This is not simply a reversal of domination, but the overcoming of the whole structure that sets people in oppressive relationships to one another.”
Rosemary Ruether