I didn’t plan a blogging absence — but we bought an old house in Port Arthur and all my spare time has been invested in framing, wiring, tearing out lathe and plaster, more wiring, trips to the hardware store… you get the picture. We also did two weeks holidays — and I haven’t been reading much through all this.

I HAVE — on the odd day — written or revised on “Broken Futures.” The book is now half finished — and I’m preparing the submission to a major publisher. I expect to complete the work this fall, so the earliest it will see print is the spring of 2016, and more likely not until the fall.

I also won the Grace Irwin prize for the best Christian book by a Canadian author in 2014. Whether or not No Home Like Place really deserves that award, it was an honor to win!

It’s been a good summer. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of physical work — and lost about 15 pounds in the process, meaning my pants no longer fit! Still a solid bit of work to do before winter, and in particular before September 1st. The plumbing inspector wants a change. The electrical people want to see an arc-fault breaker installed. Keeping the city happy. More to come on this story, but that’s it for this Wednesday!