Love this statement by Tim Keel —

“people call and they want our doctrinal statement and I refuse to give one out. You know why? Because it is shorthand. It says, Oh, that’s the kind of community you are. And people in our culture today shop church. In other words, we’re so concerned with orthodoxy [right belief] that we don’t care about orthopraxy [right practice]. And there’s a way of being a Christian that I think is destructive: you can have all the right beliefs in your head, you can have all the right information, but if your life is shaped by twenty-first-century American materialism and the church becomes one more thing that you consume, then what the hell does it matter what you believe if there’s no community that shapes your salvation? And so I tell people, come to our church, spend six months with us, and then you tell us what we believe.

“Dallas Willard has this great quote where he says that doctrinal statements are prepared by people who are worried about something. So what if I’m not worried about anything? Not that there aren’t things to worry about, but I trust in Christ’s presence and the Spirit’s animating life in the context of our community. I think you would find that we hold to a generous orthodoxy and that everybody can affirm the Apostle’s Creed. All these theological traditions are wonderful, but were each born in a context. And what if we felt like we are finding ourselves in a new context – a really new place – that might birth a tradition?”

3 Comments on orthodoxy

  1. michael bells says:

    It’s similar to all our mission & vision statements that as churches we invest hundreds of hours in – we don’t like the one Jesus gave us

  2. Paul F says:

    Great quote Len. A belated “Happy Birthday”. I hope all is well with you and yours.