Inagrace Dietterich writes, “The concept of practices has a specific meaning: socially established cooperative human activities carried in traditions that form people in a way of life. The cultivation of a people who follow the way of Jesus Christ is a lifelong participation in “a community that embodies the language, rituals, and moral practices from which this particular form of life grows… [because] the Christian gospel is at once a belief that involves behavior and behavior that involves belief.”

“Cultivating Communities of the Holy Spirit.” In Missional Church 153

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  1. Stan Biggs says:

    Len, my gratitude for your character and work will never expire. What your read, value, enjoy, understand, articulate and long for calls me more loudly than most other voices which serve as grist for my mill. We’ve often referenced the old story that “They who dance are thought mad by those who cannot hear the music.” Keep dancing Dr. Hjalmarson. What God has accomplished in your being is a treasure in these troubled times. While investing the prerequisite time in the splendour of the ordinary, you came to mind and paused to salute my friend, he who dwells in the shadows awaiting the demonstration of grace that is the core of who who are. I am thankful for the day our trajectories intersected.