I’ve been invited to teach the Missional Leadership course in Auckland this summer. These are some of the books going into preparation.imageObviously, we’ll have to define some of the critical components: culture, leadership, missio Dei. But beyond that, the critical factors are formation, discernment and innovation. And this means that identity and imagination are the root and the fruit we are seeking. We first know who we are and where its all going, and then we step forward into an unknown future. Sure, we know that future in broad terms when we know who God is. But how that future unfolds in and around us is the key piece. Do we have eyes to see? How do we develop that kind of sight? How do we help others to find it?

Preparation for a new course involves a lot of work. But I’ve been on this track a while through another frame, that of “broken futures.” And I’m thinking another good outcome of this work will likely be a book on missional leadership, in the same format as my two last short volumes. So look for an 85-90 page work with lots of images: a walk on the creative side into the spaces between.