coverThe single book I brought with me to England I read mostly on the long flights – but it was worth the read! Published by Eerdmans in 2001. The Scope of Our Art: The Vocation of the Theological Teacher. Something for everyone in here, with application much wider than only academics. Anyone who teaches from the bible or who is a reflective practitioner will find value. Parker Palmer writes,

“Over the past decade a growing number of college and university professors have been reclaiming teaching as a vocation, but seminary faculty have been strangely silent on the subject. The Scope of Our Art breaks that silence with eloquence and power. I believe it will be regarded as a landmark book for years to come. This superb set of essays by some of our finest theological educators should spark a life-giving conversation about teaching and learning in the seminaries — where vocation as embodied by the faculty of today helps give shape to the vocation of ministry in the church of tomorrow.”

TOC as follows —
1. The Formation of the Scholar
2. Writing as a Spiritual Discipline
3. Reading as a Spiritual Discipline
4. Contemplation in the Midst of Chaos
5. My Vocational Kinship with the United States First Female Theologian
6. Teaching as Conversation
7. Teaching as a Ministry of Hope
8. Teaching as a Ministry of Wisdom.
9. Teaching and Learning as Ceaseless Prayer
10. On Stability in the Academic Life
11. Vocation in the Outback
12. Negotiating the Tensions of Vocation
13. The Formation of Vocation – Individual and Institutional
14. Attending to the Collective Vocation…/the-scope-of-our-art.aspx