“If heaven and earth are already joined in the ascension, with part of “earth” — the human body of Jesus — now fully and thoroughly at home in “heaven,” then they are joined again in the opposite direction, as it were, in Acts 2, when the powerful wind of the divine Spirit comes upon the disciples. This is one of the New Testament equivalents of the tabernacle with the cloud and fire or of Solomon’s Temple with the glorious shekinah.” Wright, 162

“We have Platonized our eschatology (substituting “souls going to heaven” for the promised new creation) and have therefor moralized our Anthropology (substituting qualifying examination of moral performance for the biblical notion of the human vocation), with the result that we have paganized our soteriology, our understanding of “salvation”(substituting the idea of “God killing Jesus to satisfy his wrath” for the genuinely biblical notions…” Wright, 147

Both citations from The Day The Revolution Began, 2016