Wow. A friend sent me this link. It’s a bit on the heady and verbose side for a cartoon.. but it does get the point across. I’ve only read the first in a very extensive series, so have fun looking around.

The Sheep Comics at are a series of comic strip episodes that tell the story of Lionel the Average Lamb and his experiences in the world of programmed, systematized, and professionally managed church systems. Many comic strip episodes are accompanied by an editorial that, needless to say, I hope you will read.

Episode 1: Berean Lionel

3 Comments on Sheep Comics..

  1. robin dugall says:

    Baaaa! Baaaa! thanks for sharing!


  2. len says:

    I feel a little sheepish… but I was behooved to share it with you 😉

  3. […] Len points out Berean Lionel at Fair warning — a single click could lead to an hour’s exploration. […]