In the pulpit I’m the star of my own movie and you are the extras.

Well, that is the feeling I’ve had in some large churches. (And maybe I am naive to think small churches are immune). Honestly, I don’t think I could ever do the video venue thing. Even if it was useful, it would likely corrupt into something ugly. Multiplying venues is not the same as multiplying churches, and tends to avoid our engagement in the context. Granted also that there are men and women who have survived the spotlight, I just believe they are more rare than we think.

David Hayward has output some great cartoons over the years. These ones I plucked from Michael Krahn.



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  1. exdroid says:

    LOL ! These pics are exactly like the old church i left years ago – The “Senior Pastor”(who i now call a CEO) had a huge “empire” complex like this – everything was about him being the focus…. I left there 12 yrs ago, but someone told me recently who still knows people there that now the “pastor” has huge screens throughout the church – front and back etc, yet the church is not that big – and it’s not needed as often people are closer physically to the actual pastor than they are to the screens!!