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From the Final Statement of the Ecumenical Dialogue of Third World Theologians (1976):

“The theologies from Europe and North America are dominant today in our churches and represent one form of cultural domination. They must be understood to have arisen out of situations related to those countires, and therefore must not be uncritically adopted without our raising the question of their relavance in the context of our countries….We reject as irrelevant an academic type of theology that is divorced from action. We are prepared for a radical break in epistemology which makes commitment the first act of theology and engages critical reflection on praxis of the reality of the Third World.”

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  1. Great statement, absolutely fantastic. However, it is unfortunate to call this a cultural issue, it is a biblical one. Many good European and even those evil North Americans have said the same thing. I just read this last night from Philip Jacob Spener, a 17th century German (that’s European) Pietist writing on his understanding of the mystic theologian. He too, necessary connects action with theology, says they cannot be separated.

    “The person who gives his whole attention to remain in the written, spoken and read Word of God and, insofar as possible, by ceaseless meditation brings into the interior of his heart…inclines himself to, and endeavos to fulfille those actions which the divine Spirit brings forth in his his through the Word”

  2. Tom Smith says:


    Thanks for writing this quote out – it saved me some typing. Isn’t it remarkable how old emergent thoughts actually are? Also how much the South can teach us …