coverSean Benesh reviews “An Emerging Dictionary for the Gospel and Culture.” Is it a reflective devotional on mission life?

“I had Len’s book in hand and eventually found my way over to a table where I sat down and picked up where I left off from the last chapter. As I sat there and read I couldn’t help but think of how well researched, thorough, and might I add thought-provoking the book is. Like the quote above alludes to, it’s not simply some theoretical mental gymnastics – it is grounded in reality of the here and now and practical to life. What I read was both encouraging and convicting. It made me think. The whole way home was spent for me mulling over what I just read.

“I appreciate this book and Leonard on different fronts. First of all, there is a theme throughout the book that drives us back to mission whether addressing topics of place, consumerism, the Gospel, or justice, and so much more. Each letter in the alphabet and each chapter points the reader back in some capacity to the mission of the church and sometimes the course correction smarts a little as, like a mirror, we’re confronted with our own wanderings as we read from the works of Augustine, or Bonhoeffer, or Bosch. Another aspect that I appreciate is that Len is Canadian. I believe there is a growing and strong voice of Canadian thinkers and writers who’re pushing mission forward and doing so in true Canadian fashion. Humble, gracious, thoughtful, and very global. This book is written from that cultural milieu.”