Was the day that Elizabeth Friesen changed her last name to match mine. Crazy I know, but apparently this happens quite commonly! (This photo is from 1990.)

But however common it is out there, this particular example changed my life significantly, and also allowed God to bring into the world two other people who have continued to impact my life.

January 4 was our Anniversary, 26 years of marriage. We went for a leisurely walk in the snow at Springwater park, and then had a snacky kind of lunch. The best kind of lunch really!

A “snacky” lunch here often includes cheese and crackers. Three varieties of cracker today — whole grain, biscuit type, and sesame crackers. Three varieties of cheese: a Monterey Jack with jalapeno, a Wenselydale with cranberries, and a cream cheese. Add some left over chocolates and you have the makings of a regular celebration 🙂 It’s all one can do to keep one’s chair and hang on for the ride.

In the evening we headed out to the Lotus Thai restaurant in St. Thomas — our first time there. The food was great, the chairs were hard, and the room was slightly chilly. But with great food, it’s worth it. Then followed by a screening of “We Bought a Zoo.” The reviews have been mixed, but it was quite good and as son have pointed out, for a movie that could have been fluff, great acting and solid production values pulled it off.

2 Comments on January 4, 1986

  1. Paul Fromont says:

    Congratulations Len and Betty – a very “happy wedding anniversary to the two of you.” May there be many many more.

    God bless

  2. len says:

    thanks Paul 🙂