“There are essential differences between an institution and a movement: The one is conservative, the other progressive; the one is more or less passive yielding to influences from the outside, the other is active in influencing rather than being influenced; the one looks to the past, the other to the future. In addition the one is anxious, the other is prepared to take risks; the one guards boundaries, the other crosses them.” H. R. Niebuhr

Mike Breen writes,

“We were on television every day and on the front page of the newspaper all the time because the only physical building that could be associated with this congregation was our building, even though we were no longer together. We got every ounce of bad press.

“So clearly as part of that process, learning to cultivate a culture of accountability and discipleship was huge.

There were several things I did there when I arrived, particularly as I was functioning within a tight and somewhat constraining hierarchical system (I have a Bishop, I’m the Priest, I serve the Congregation). You know how it is.

“Creating a discipleship culture was incredibly important, so we needed to model everything we did after Jesus. I wanted to create a culture that had three dimensions to it just as Jesus lived out three dimensions in his life, UP/IN/OUT.

UP: deep and connected relationship to his Father and attentiveness to the
leading of the Holy Spirit

IN: constant investment into the relationships with those around Him (His

OUT: entering the brokenness of the world, looking for a response both
individually (people coming into relationship with Jesus) and systemically (systems of injustice being transformed)…God’s Kingdom advancing.

“We began to use this as our language…”


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  1. Subhamay says:

    , Todd. Good pccitraal tools help reinforce your missional points. My church leans toward being a bless-me club. These are some good questions I can ask our leadership that would make them ponder their direction and purpose. Thanks.