Jeannie wrote me this morning with an encouraging note. Thanks to all who have done so.. it wasn’t a fun Christmas season for us. We generally expect Christmas to feel like the resurrection.. glorious, comforting, renewing… This year, while Christmas day and Boxing Day were great, the following days felt more like Golgotha.

I’m reminded that the first Christmas wasn’t all music and light. Angels announced the birth.. but there was no room in the inn. Not too long afterward, Herod’s soldiers were killing newborns….

Jeannie’s note included a quote from Dallas Willard’s USC business card… “Nakedly following the naked Christ.” WOW. With my dream of last spring in mind, that caught my attention. Earlier this morning I felt the Lord speaking to me about death.. dying to my own ego needs.. of attention.. of comfort.. of approval… in view of following Him. The Cross lies at the center. The only way to a theology of glory is through that death.. any other shortcut is not really incarnational.

This morning we were listening to a very old Steve Bell album as he sang, “those who sow in tears will return with joy….”

If you find yourself more in the sowing stage early in this new year, remember that the Lord is near to you… and joy will surely come in the morning.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s rough without a car, waiting for money. Been there more than once. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.