coverThe tenth anniversary edition will be released soon. This book brought Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost into the evangelical field of view in North America — and was a fascinating entry into the world of missional theology and practice for many reasons, not the least of which was the unusual integration of organizational and leadership theory with historical and theological perspective.

Naturally the tenth anniversary edition will contain new material. Examples and stories are updated, and the book is dejargonized. But there was no sense that large changes were needed; the material is very much still current. The book will include a new preface of course!

New interview with Alan Hirsch – Part of the new Seedbed Series from Asbury Seminary. Part I of the interview is Alan rehearsing the difference between a movement and a machine (my words) as he recalls the explosive growth of the church in China, when the usual mechanisms we think necessary for growth were missing.

Part 2 is Alan reflecting on the need for recovery of the five-fold gifts. Recovery of these gifts and functions is independent of the forms and structures we often feel are necessary – in fact those forms of the church we consider normative may be a huge factor restricting the development of a dynamic movement.


Seedbed Series 7 Minute Seminary . Here is what the Seedbed page says about this video series.

“The Seven Minute Seminary is an initiative to capture and catalog hundreds of thoughtful seven-minute mini-lectures on a full range of issues and subjects spanning the disciplines taught by Asbury Seminary’s faculty and beyond..”

The YOUTUBE list.

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