The mirror’s reflection shows me the same thing that it did minutes ago;
A bit more concealer, a layer of powder and a prayer no one looks too close.
‘Cause inside the walls are shaking… can’t let them catch me breaking..

And then it’s smile time, saying the same lines I believe,
but I’m fighting with right now;
I’ve heard it’s okay to struggle and work through your questions,
but I know I’m not allowed.
When perfection’s the mask,
If you need help, how do you ask?

I need permission to be broken, to not have it all together.
I need allowance for my weakness, for not having all the answers..

– Jennifer Jade Kerr (c. 2010)

I heard this beautiful song for the first time at METRO in Kelowna on Sunday morning a couple weeks ago. Listen to the clip linked at the end.

Jenn has an amazing voice. The song reminded me of a much older song by Salmond & Mulder (about 1980), “Strength to be Weak.” (This cover by Pam Mark Hall).

Jennifer Jade Kerr is another Kelowna resident – we seem to be absolutely swimming in talented artists in this small city. She has a couple of albums out and the new album by this name is available and the official release is coming soon.

Jennifer Jade Kerr “Permission to be Broken