wineNote: not the Table of the church – but of the Lord.

It is the Lord who invites us, and who hosts us – though we say the words of invitation in his name. The following is from the liturgy of Small Boat, Big Sea.

The table of bread and wine is now to be made ready.
It is the table of company with Jesus.
And of all those who love him
and choose the way of discipleship.

It is the table Jesus shared with all the wrong people
And its open boundaries challenge our selective friendships
It is the table of communion with creation
In which Christ became incarnate
And it anticipates the day when all creation
Will celebrate the fullness of life

So, come to the table,
You who have much faith
And you who would like to have more;
You who have been to this sacrament often,
And you who have not been for a long time;
You who have tried to follow Jesus,
And you who have failed.


It is Christ who invites us to meet him here.
*** ***
Jesus, Our Companion & Vindicator

Companion – Old French, literally ‘one who breaks bread with another,’
Latin vindicat– ‘claimed, avenged,’ from the verb vindicare, from vindex, vindic- ‘claimant, avenger.’

Leader Reads- On the night of his betrayal Jesus our companion Took bread Broke it Gave it to his followers Eat My body is broken for you
All Read- We break this bread with those who: hunger for justice, dream of a land free from occupation, long to live life free from fear, search for food and water each day, long for companionship.

Leader Reads – On the night of his betrayal Jesus our vindicator Took wine Gave it to his followers Remember My blood is poured out for you Drink This is a new promise All who come to me will have life.

All Read – We drink this wine with those who: see too much blood flow, watch loved ones die, are judged by their race or skin colour, carry in their blood the stigma of HIV/AIDS, long for someone to dry their tears.
Leader Reads – Come, eat, drink, you who hunger and thirst, For a deeper faith, for a better life, for a fairer world, For healing and wholeness – Come.

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