What does it mean to work for the shalom of the city?

Vancouver City Planner Brent Toderian speaks on “density done well” in this energizing video from the Vancouver urban forum. One of the great phrases that this poetic planner pops out with is, “leverage density and use it as a resource for the commonwealth.” And I was nearly stunned to learn that Vancouver has set itself the goal of “greenest city in the world by 2020.” Move over Portland 😉

There is a lot in this video on “walkability,” reminding me of Sean Benesh recent book, “The Multi-Nucleated Church.” Churches, too, will need to respond to changing, and hopefully improving, urban design. In Metrospiritual Sean writes of the need for churches to be developed with walkability as a key value. Why? Because “it elevates the chance for investment in the local neighborhood that otherwise might be missing if the church is built and grows based upon the auto-based commuter mentality.”