“The reign of God is in direct opposition to the Empire. In the political sense, if the world had to be operated on the principles of the reign of God rather than the principles of Empire, then there will be less a need for power and control, and more a sense of shared power or even a relinquishing of power. This is where Jesus’ kenotic act of emptying himself provides a glimpse of what the reign of God is all about (Philippians 2:1–11). Further to this, as opposed to the individualism expressed through Empire, the mission of God is community, as expressed in the relational essence of the Trinity. In the kingdom of God, fullness of life is more important than archaic rules. We see this consistently throughout the gospels. Empire, on the other hand, stands in direct contradiction to “fullness of life”.

The Council for World Mission, 2011

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  1. Jon says:

    Thanks for sharing this quote. Love it. Had to find the source and share it.