Some years ago one of Canada’s greatest poet/songwriters penned this title. It’s quite melancholy; a song that reflects a different side of Christmas. While many Canadian families have all that they need this time of year, many more do not. And while some of us are enjoying our families, others are seeking healing or looking for a new kind of family – one they can trust. Others still are homeless because of broken lives and relationships, or distant from home because there was no local work.

Still others are tearfully remembering the good days, missing friends and family who have passed on to a larger celebration. The link will take you to Stan Rogers song “First Christmas.” Here is how it starts off —

This day a year ago, he was rolling in the snow,
With a younger brother in his father’s yard;
Christmas break, and time for touching home,
The heart of all he’d known — and leaving was so hard.

Three thousand miles away, now he’s working Christmas day,
Making double time for the minding of the store;
Well, he always said he’d make it on his own —
Spending Christmas eve alone: first Christmas away from home..

Stan Rogers – First Christmas

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  1. michael bells says:

    This along with Randy Stonehill’s “Christmas at Denny’s” are among my favourite Christmas songs