francisTransitions are difficult. We often enter a new year with regret at opportunities lost, and anxiety in facing an uncertain future. When we arrive at these in -between places, we may suddenly realize how tired we are.

Every so often, like a clock running down, I run up against the limits of my own soul. I may feel I have nothing left to give, or I want change, or I don’t want to change, or the day seems longer than my energy. Maybe I’ve hit this wall with my job, within my church, or with a friend or in my marriage. I’m tired of what is, feel inadequate for the task, and I long for a different future; but I don’t know what that future looks like, and I don’t seem to have the personal resources to get there. Sometimes I have simply failed to live and love faithfully, and I am discouraged.

Let me off the merry-go-round!