imageI am an author, pastor and missional navigator living in the Thunder Bay region of Ontario. My wife and I are pastoral elders at First Baptist Church in Thunder Bay, Ontario, a hopeful community.

My particular interests are in leadership, spirituality, mission and semiotics in the context of postmodern culture. I am an adjunct professor at Tyndale Seminary, Toronto and at Portland Seminary. I am an advisor and mentor in the Leadership in Global Perspectives program at George Fox.

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I have contributed to numerous books and publications. My AMAZON page lists the books. Recent articles appeared in the BIOLA Journal of Sp Formation and Soul Care (“A Trinitarian Spirituality of Mission”) and in DIRECTION Journal, Winter, 2012 (“Equipping the Academy for a Missional Spirituality”). “Re-Placing the World Through the Arts,” appeared in DIRECTION in 2015.

My passion is to see healthy churches engaging actively in mission in the neighbourhoods where God has placed them. I am a member of the Parish Collective and the Missio Alliance. I just completed my fourth book, a theology of place, which appeared with Urban Loft Publishers in 2014 and won the Grace Irwin prize in Canada. Current projects are “Broken Futures: Churches and Leaders Lost in Transition,” and “Soul of the City: Mapping the Spiritual Geography of Canada’s Urban Centres.”

I am the father of two young women, and married to Betty, a natural pastor who worked for many years as an RN and then worked with women in transition. We share a job together.

Feel free to contact me for any reason. Send mail to len.hjalmarson at

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  1. Lisa Wotton says:

    Hi there Len how are you?
    I write a blog in Australia called Sunday Everyday. I was wondering if you would give me permission to post your article Forty Years in a Narrow Space. Of course I would link and reference you and also add the other references in your piece. Reading this article was a thunderbolt moment for me. There are a few of us who have been meditating on this piece and have received so much encouragement from it. I want to thank you. It was like rain in the desert.

    Lisa Hunt-Wotton

  2. len says:

    Lisa, so glad its helpful – I can identify with your ah-ha! moment.
    you are welcome to use it. I like the creative commons approach to things 🙂

    Do you follow Prodigal Kiwi?

    blessings on the journey

  3. Lisa Wotton says:

    Hey Len no I haven’t heard of Prodigal Kiwi but am looking it up right now. Thank you again. I can’t tell you how meaningful your article has been to me. Lisa.

  4. Elsie Goerzen says:

    Hi Len & Betty!
    I stumbled across your website, and have just printed off several articles to curl up with and read. ‘There is a group of us here in Sardis BC who are thinking along the same lines you are, in fact are going to be studying Brian McLaren’s book The Great Spiritual Migration. What a delight to discover you here!
    Elsie Goerzen

  5. len says:

    Nice to hear from you – hope its fruitful reading! Merry Christmas!

  6. Wayne says:

    Hi Leonard:
    I am a South African trying to navigate the space around community based activists and space and place. It is both an academic endeavor and a deeply personal and spiritual one.
    I work for a church justice organisation here in South Africa called the Warehouse and would love to find a way to connect with you, if you are interested.

    Thank you for your work and the help it has been to me personally.


  7. Robert Kerr says:

    Hi Len,
    Firstly, I wanted to say thanks for your timely writings over the last 15 years. I live just outside of Edmonton, AB and you have helped guide me through a tumultuous season of ‘5-fold ministry’ and a tenuous relationship with church (in transition! :)).
    Secondly, I am currently working on an MTS degree and would like to use your book- Broken Futures as a reference for my Thesis. When do you expect this to hit the shelves and am I able to pre-order?
    Many Thanks,

  8. len says:

    hi Rob

    sorry for the delay I am not checking comments much. Futures will be out early in the New Year. Blessings on your study!

  9. Ron Boogaart says:

    Greetings Len – from Adelaide, South Australia;
    You wrote a short article titled “The need is not the call” – possibly back in 2009.
    Are you able to tell me who originally made that statement?
    We were hit with it in Church recently, but it was summarily dismissed and the opposite was claimed to be the true case.
    It did not sit right with me from the start; and so far I have only been able to think of biblical events and people that prove the original quote, (thinking Moses, Jonah, Saul of Tarsus).
    The bottom line seems to be “who” identifies the need and initiates the call. If God, then well and good – respond and follow His leading, thrive in the blessing of His success.
    But if man, be ready for failure, frustration, and yes, possibly even breakdown.
    So, you’ll understand that the context and meaning of the original author will be very important; removed from that it can be ‘shifted’ in either direction.
    If I am way off track – please correct my course.
    Grace and Peace from God.
    Ron Boogaart

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