in the end, the beginning

TS Eliot has been a lot in my mind the past few years. In part its because I was working with his Four Quartets as I wrote Broken Futures. In part, it’s a stage of life thing — with new changes upon us, and reflecting on the journey to date.

But it feels like time to shut down my blog. It’s been a good run. I started in 2002 when other changes had come suddenly upon us — and we were in a new kind of journey, entering unfamiliar territory. We discovered that many others were traveling off the map — in and out of church, asking new questions of themselves and their faith. Engaging culture and trying to understand the world in fresh ways. So we joined in conversation with pilgrims around the world — some of whom are friends to this day.

And that’s the joy and sadness of ending. My blog really took flight around 2004, and the conversations were varied and intense until around 2009, when something shifted. But I was distracted with a doctorate at that time, and then my life took a serious turn. In 2010 my wife and I left our home of 14 years and moved across the country to south Ontario.

By the time I was able to notice, the blogging world and the world of all things emerging was itself entering a new phase. Bloggers were evaporating and the online world had shifted. I had other things on my plate and kept my blog alive, but the conversations seemed harder to find. In part, it was my own involvement that had shifted, and so it became more difficult to stay connected.

well, here we are in 2018. I’m more active on Facebook than on my blog. And while FB itself may be entering a new phase, I’m not sure how — or if — blogging still fits into my own journey. And so it’s goodbye.

If you have visited here occasionally — if you have participated in these conversations over the years or left comments — thanks! May your journey continue — may you find new depths to explore in life and faith — and may you walk in the peace and love of God until the kingdom comes.

For from him, and to him, and through him are all things.